Our Foundational Principles

We, Mountain House Bus Services, are an organization dedicated towards ensuring road safety in the community of Mountain House.

We believe in affordable transportation accessible to the public to minimize traffic-related road incidents.
We believe in community and the safety of those who reside in our community.

Understanding that Mountain House is an area that is statistically speaking, mostly residential areas, we understand that we have too many cars and not enough space on our roads. We also understand that Mountain House is prone to driving incidents (particularly during 'busy hours' of the day) that potentially result in fatalities. Our mission as a non-profit organization is to introduce a transportation system to the community of Mountain House and minimize these traffic incidents as much as we can in doing so.

We believe a brighter future for Mountain House is achievable.
We believe everyone has something of value to contribute.
And we believe in cooperation.

We are proud of our century of service.
We are currently running a taxi-uber service operated by our founders and volunteers with a year minimum of driving experience and with these funds we are working towards purchasing a 2005 57-passenger ADA motorcoach from Northwest Bus Sales for $600,000. With funds provided by both our prior uber service and new bus system, per agreement with Town Hall administration, we will install a red line bus lane on Mustang Way for an additional $600,000.

We believe a brighter future for Mountain House is achievable.
You can help Mountain House Bus Services today by a donation of any amount towards our campaign, for further action, contact us at any of the below links.

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